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Collection of tools to administer a network

Genius is a utility that encompasses a range of tools for the management and administration of networks and services grouped by functionality.

Genius includes a ping to validate nodes through ICMP packets, a telnet to connect to servers by command line; an HTTP and SMTP client to send petitions and a route plotter. As regards the internet, Genius features a mail servers verifier, a an active connection viewer, an FTP server scanner, a machine identifier, NSLookup, a ports viewer and a calculator for subnet masks. Genius also incorporates a number of information managers that allow you to generate passwords, store data, contacts, schedule tasks, alarms and reminders plus register all kinds of annotations, copy IP addresses etc.

Ultimately, Genius is a tool that any system administrator should always have on hand.

Genius is the premier internet-enabled package for Windows, featuring dozens of powerful internet tools as well as numerous file utilities
and personal information management programs.

Genius features finger, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, time, whois, and telnet clients, ping, traceroute, FTP search, current connections, nslookup, site checker, an address book,
reminders, a secure passwords manager, notes, unit conversions, grep,


  • Lots of tools in one package


  • Not suitable for very large networks


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Genius 3.2.2 for PC


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    beautifully executed, well written, simple and effective..
    beautifully executed, well written, simple and effective. "WMore

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